Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost~

...here we go, down the rabbit hole...

You can call me Emma for now.
13 April
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'Ello. You can call me Emma for now. :3

For my fandoms, I recommend looking at my interests section. I ship... A lot of characters. A lot of gay people, a lot of straight people. *shrug* Too many list, if I were to write one.

This is mostly a journal for icons (and yeah, some of my icons are better than others, but I try to make them all well) , but I do occasionally write fandom reviews and feelings when they arise. I don't think I'll ever do personal stuff because a) that's boring and b) it'd be mostly complaining about peer incompetence.

I often find myself inspired by fictional characters. I have an interest in wigs and hair colour, as well as accents, and I honestly have no idea where either of those obsessions sprouted from. I accidentally act like a lesbian a lot of the time, so I apologize in advance for any awkwardness. I am who I am and that should cover everything I'm about, I think. Let's be friends. :3

{{PS: I find 80% of the stuff I edit from Tumblr, 10% from WeHeartIt, 5% from Google and 5% are my own awful screencaps; credit is given here where credit is due}}